Pinterest Success!

Want a modern spin on the everyday bulletin board?  I needed a bulletin board in my home office,  but didn't want the original look of a bulletin board hanging on my wall. So, I took to Pinterest and found an easy and crafty way to get the exact look I wanted. I've since made 3 … Continue reading Pinterest Success!


Fireplace Makeover

Three and half years ago we moved into our new home which was built in 1978. The previous owners kept it up beautifully and started updating it, but there were still things I wanted to do to make it our own. My first DIY to tackle would be the fireplace. I went back and forth … Continue reading Fireplace Makeover

My Favorite Things – January Edition

You know when you find those products that make your heart happy? The ones where you want to tell everyone they need it? The things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially on a snowy and bitter cold January day? I’m going to share a few of my favorite things with you each … Continue reading My Favorite Things – January Edition

New Year, New Look!

With the new year comes a new outlook. I'm not big on resolutions, but I have committed to focus more on my blog bringing you at least 1-2 new posts a week. This year, I'll focus on more than working from home, but ALL things home wrapped into one cozy, feel-good escape; health and fitness, … Continue reading New Year, New Look!

Tips to achieve a successful remote position 

Working from home isn't as glamourous as it may sound to others. It's easy to get overwhelmed with what needs done at home and the "office," but follow these tips and you'll feel like Supermom, well at least occasionally, in no time! Get Up: For most of you reading this you probably have kids at home … Continue reading Tips to achieve a successful remote position 

“Fall Into The Gap”

When I discovered Gap Inc. was hiring home agents for the call center, all of these memories came rushing back to me and I got so excited to share the opportunity to work from home for a great company with you! Gap Inc. Direct. One of my favorite jobs I held during college while working … Continue reading “Fall Into The Gap”

Crossing the “Lionbridge” to a New Opportunity

I mentioned the decreased demand for medical transcriptionists in my very first post, Working Girl to Work-from-Home Mom. When I originally began transcription, I absolutely loved it. I was assigned to a few great physicians that I meshed well with and was extremely productive. With transcription, you were paid per line and I was pretty pleased … Continue reading Crossing the “Lionbridge” to a New Opportunity

Direct Sales Makeover

No. I did not sell Avon, but here is a funny story. I loathed direct sales. I never understood it. It drove me crazy with all of the home parties I was invited to, but I showed up to support my girlfriends who were either hosting or selling the product. In fact, I even hosted … Continue reading Direct Sales Makeover

Career Step: Literally & Figuratively

Now that you've read a summary of my story in Working Girl to Work-from-Home Mom, let's get down to it. As mentioned in that post, something fell in my lap that gave me hope for a career path to working from home while staying at home with my babies. I discovered that my sister's friend … Continue reading Career Step: Literally & Figuratively

Working Girl to Work-from-Home Mom

Do you ever wonder why there seem to be so many people who work from home, yet these jobs are so difficult to find? Is there some secret club?! Let’s rewind 10 years. Working from home was practically unheard of. There was a choice before or after your maternity leave; give your 2-week notice or … Continue reading Working Girl to Work-from-Home Mom