My 3 Go-to Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a great way to pack in the nutrients and make a quick, easy meal when you're on the go.  I've been experimenting for months with many different concoctions. Here are what have landed as my top 3 favorites: Peach Smoothie 1 c frozen peaches 1-2 T almond or cashew butter 1 T local … Continue reading My 3 Go-to Smoothie Recipes


Cutting the Cord….Again.

So you're thinking of cutting out cable and adding an additional $100 or so back into your bank account each month. It's funny how such a simple and pretty easy decision can make us feel so strange. As if water was being cut out of our lives. No. Cable is not that important, but we … Continue reading Cutting the Cord….Again.

Back To Work? Phone Interview Tips and Tricks.

Update! I now have a YouTube channel where I'll also post Video Blogs! If you'd rather watch here you go! Phone Interview Tips & Tricks Go with me to a place for a minute. You went to college. Worked hard for that degree. Found a job you adore, but then a love you never knew you … Continue reading Back To Work? Phone Interview Tips and Tricks.

My Favorite Things – March Edition

The.Snow.Won't.Stop! What happened to "in like a lion, out like a lamb?!" That has not been the case here in Northeast Ohio. What began as an exciting, full-blown white Christmas has led to a resentful snow day for the kids the second day of Spring. Whaattt?! Regardless, we are finding our way through this dreadful, … Continue reading My Favorite Things – March Edition

Life As An Introvert Part II: Growing Into Her Own

I don't think we ever stop growing up. Life lessons are constantly learned. I continue to learn and have my memory refreshed by things my children come home with from school. We are continuously growing within each season of life. I want to take a step back to share and embrace a few chapters of … Continue reading Life As An Introvert Part II: Growing Into Her Own

Life As An Introvert Part 1: “Does She Speak?!”

Yes. Someone actually looked me straight in the eye once and asked everyone around us the wonderful question, "Does She Speak?!" Let me set the scene. I was visiting my boyfriend's family at the time. Sixteen years young, dumb and in love. They weren't all the easiest to feel at ease with. I didn't see … Continue reading Life As An Introvert Part 1: “Does She Speak?!”

Life as an Introvert: Introduction

Photo cred to my mom. When I first had a vision for my blog, I asked my mom to take a picture of me for my home landing page. This was the vision I had. When I saw it, I thought, no way! I can't use that. It looks like one of those ads for … Continue reading Life as an Introvert: Introduction

I’m convinced I’m Danish…

Cozy fires, heated throws, fuzzy sweaters with sleeves long enough to pull over your hands, warm coffee, red wine, a good book, board games and comfort food. Apparently I'm behind the times because I just learned a new word thanks to fellow blogger, Kate at That word is hygge (pronounced hooga.) Thanks Kate! I'm … Continue reading I’m convinced I’m Danish…

New Year, New Look!

With the new year comes a new outlook. I'm not big on resolutions, but I have committed to focus more on my blog bringing you at least 1-2 new posts a week. This year, I'll focus on more than working from home, but ALL things home wrapped into one cozy, feel-good escape; health and fitness, … Continue reading New Year, New Look!