My 3 Go-to Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a great way to pack in the nutrients and make a quick, easy meal when you're on the go.  I've been experimenting for months with many different concoctions. Here are what have landed as my top 3 favorites: Peach Smoothie 1 c frozen peaches 1-2 T almond or cashew butter 1 T local … Continue reading My 3 Go-to Smoothie Recipes


Cutting the Cord….Again.

So you're thinking of cutting out cable and adding an additional $100 or so back into your bank account each month. It's funny how such a simple and pretty easy decision can make us feel so strange. As if water was being cut out of our lives. No. Cable is not that important, but we … Continue reading Cutting the Cord….Again.

Unplugging Treehouse Style

Spring break was among us. We had no plans, but we wanted to get away. My sister and her family had visited a park with authentic treehouses in Glenmont, Ohio not once but twice, so we decided this would be a good time to check them out. WE ARE IN LOVE WITH TREEHOUSES NOW!! This … Continue reading Unplugging Treehouse Style

Back To Work? Phone Interview Tips and Tricks.

Update! I now have a YouTube channel where I'll also post Video Blogs! If you'd rather watch here you go! Phone Interview Tips & Tricks Go with me to a place for a minute. You went to college. Worked hard for that degree. Found a job you adore, but then a love you never knew you … Continue reading Back To Work? Phone Interview Tips and Tricks.

My Favorite Things – March Edition

The.Snow.Won't.Stop! What happened to "in like a lion, out like a lamb?!" That has not been the case here in Northeast Ohio. What began as an exciting, full-blown white Christmas has led to a resentful snow day for the kids the second day of Spring. Whaattt?! Regardless, we are finding our way through this dreadful, … Continue reading My Favorite Things – March Edition

Life As An Introvert Part II: Growing Into Her Own

I don't think we ever stop growing up. Life lessons are constantly learned. I continue to learn and have my memory refreshed by things my children come home with from school. We are continuously growing within each season of life. I want to take a step back to share and embrace a few chapters of … Continue reading Life As An Introvert Part II: Growing Into Her Own

My Favorite Things – February Edition

Oh February. The month of cupid, water babies, love and screeeeech.......more snow, cold, dry skin and that darn groundhog who, no matter if he sees his shadow or not, tells us spring is too far ahead to grasp. Never fear. I have a list of products that may help turn your winter blues into a … Continue reading My Favorite Things – February Edition

Life As An Introvert Part 1: “Does She Speak?!”

Yes. Someone actually looked me straight in the eye once and asked everyone around us the wonderful question, "Does She Speak?!" Let me set the scene. I was visiting my boyfriend's family at the time. Sixteen years young, dumb and in love. They weren't all the easiest to feel at ease with. I didn't see … Continue reading Life As An Introvert Part 1: “Does She Speak?!”

Life as an Introvert: Introduction

Photo cred to my mom. When I first had a vision for my blog, I asked my mom to take a picture of me for my home landing page. This was the vision I had. When I saw it, I thought, no way! I can't use that. It looks like one of those ads for … Continue reading Life as an Introvert: Introduction

I’m convinced I’m Danish…

Cozy fires, heated throws, fuzzy sweaters with sleeves long enough to pull over your hands, warm coffee, red wine, a good book, board games and comfort food. Apparently I'm behind the times because I just learned a new word thanks to fellow blogger, Kate at That word is hygge (pronounced hooga.) Thanks Kate! I'm … Continue reading I’m convinced I’m Danish…