Cutting the Cord….Again.

So you’re thinking of cutting out cable and adding an additional $100 or so back into your bank account each month. It’s funny how such a simple and pretty easy decision can make us feel so strange. As if water was being cut out of our lives. No. Cable is not that important, but we as humans have become wired to feel this is something we need. Something we can’t live without. We cut the cord a few years ago and then went back to cable, but streaming has come a long way in such a short amount of time and we recently cut it again for the last time. Here I’ll give you the basics. No fluff.  The cut and dry. Let’s go:

  1. Buy a Roku stick or an Amazon Fire Stick. These usually run around $39.99. Even if you have a smart TV (yes it will do, but I’m partial to Roku which will give you even more.)
  2. Need sports? Need kids shows? Need your Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Fixer Upper like me? Want local TV? Want live TV? Hulu Live or DirecTV Go. Look at their official websites and decide which package is best for your family. Packages start around $35 and you have no annual contract to worry about.
  3. Worried about DVR? Hulu Live and DirecTV Go both offer a DVR option. This could be the make it or break it part of your decision as Hulu Live currently offers 50 hours of DVR while DirecTV Go offers 20 hours.
  4. Don’t need live? Don’t need sports? Stick to the basic Netflix, Hulu and/or Amazon Prime apps. Packages start at $7.99/mo!
  5. Hulu Live & DirecTV Go offer 1-week free trials, as do Netflix and Hulu. Check one out one week and another the next before you call your cable company to officially make the cut, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be okay.

Now go on….join the world of streaming and enjoy some extra cash each month. You’re welcome!


One thought on “Cutting the Cord….Again.

  1. I cut the cord when we moved but eventually went back to cable earlier this year. I used an antenna which worked great, except my favorite Fox 8 would ALWAYS have issues. SO annoying.

    I have Amazon Prime, a Firestick, and Netflix and was paying for Hulu with the live option and HBO.

    I got rid of Hulu and HBO and it’s only a few bucks more a month because I can bundle my internet and cable. I have WOW and get one premium channel a month included for free.

    Why does TV have to be so hard!


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