My Favorite Things – March Edition

The.Snow.Won’t.Stop! What happened to “in like a lion, out like a lamb?!” That has not been the case here in Northeast Ohio. What began as an exciting, full-blown white Christmas has led to a resentful snow day for the kids the second day of Spring. Whaattt?! Regardless, we are finding our way through this dreadful, endless winter and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are a few of my favorites that have kept us occupied and warm during these, hopefully, last days of winter.

  1. From the lovely makers of UNO comes DOS. “The World’s #2 Card Game” has recently been released and this will definitely go in the vault of classic, go-to card games! The same idea as UNO matching cards by number or color with an extra spin of playing 2 cards of any color that add up to match the previously played card. This is great for those younger kids who are practicing their addition as well. Bonus! Add to the mix a few additional new cards and yelling “DOS” when you’re down to two cards. This is for sure a new family favorite.
  2. The Mohicans Treehouses. Forget things. I’m talking places and making memories. I’ll likely do a separate post on this one, but for now here’s a little preview. Nestled deep in the woods in Glenmont, Ohio; feel like a kid all over again and take camping to the next level. Beds, cute mini kitchen, lofts, bathroom and shower, grill, fire pit, patio with table and chairs. This is our new favorite thing to do to unplug and getaway from it all. We can’t wait to explore more of these treehouses!
  3. Kristin Hannah books. I found my new favorite author. February I read The Nightingale and this month I read firefly lane. This woman has a unique writing style that really draws the reader in and makes you feel like you are right there, right then with the characters. She makes you laugh, cry, cringe, hope, wonder and want to turn page after page after page.

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