Life as an Introvert: Introduction

Photo cred to my mom. When I first had a vision for my blog, I asked my mom to take a picture of me for my home landing page. This was the vision I had. When I saw it, I thought, no way! I can’t use that. It looks like one of those ads for Zoloft or Cymbalta! No people; there is nothing wrong with that, but it really wasn’t the feel I was going for. It wasn’t until recently that I thought this would be a really good image for this upcoming series of posts. This reflects motherhood. Grabbing a quiet moment to take a break for yourself, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, soak in the sunshine, gather your thoughts or just sit back and watch your little creations play in their own sense of wonder. It also can reflect the life of an introvert. I have so much to say about this topic. Memories are spinning anxiously around in my head. As introverts, we tend to go off on our own to reflect and think. We aren’t talkers. We are patient listeners and when it’s our turn to contribute to the story, we carefully plan out our thoughts so they leave our lips in just the right way. Others find us as timid, quiet, modest, shy and even “stuck up.” Almost as if it’s a bad thing to think before you speak. We’ve been labelled and somewhat closed out from certain groups of individuals, but for those who take a moment to get to know us ultimately are the ones who love to understand us and are quite often intrigued by us. We have a handful of friends and a great deal of acquaintances.

Because time is valuable and there is so much to say on this subject, I’ll post in parts on different days. I haven’t forgotten my promise of weekly posts, but this is such a near and dear topic to me and one that I think could help a lot of fellow introverts that I’m channeling my introversion to the max and really taking my time to dig deep within on this one. So please be patient, I’m working on good content and check back soon. Better yet, sign up for email notifications and you’ll see when I post as soon as I post.

Coming up: Life As An Introvert Part 1 – “Does She Speak?!”


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