I’m convinced I’m Danish…

Cozy fires, heated throws, fuzzy sweaters with sleeves long enough to pull over your hands, warm coffee, red wine, a good book, board games and comfort food. Apparently I’m behind the times because I just learned a new word thanks to fellow blogger, Kate at greatestescapist.com. That word is hygge (pronounced hooga.) Thanks Kate! I’m now obsessed with this word!!

Hygge became a popular term pinned by the Danes and is translated as a cozy way of life. I am a true homebody and coming to terms with the fact that yes I am indeed an introvert. Why I ever thought there was something wrong with being pinned as an introvert is beyond me, but we’ll save that discussion for another time and post. Let me take you to my hygge place. Imagine baking or cooking or smelling a familiar scent or snuggling up after a long day and you get that feeling; that warm, cozy feeling. The “there’s no place like home” feel. That my friends is hygge. That nostalgic feel you get when whatever happened in life that day, you finally get a moment to yourself or settle in with your family at the dinner table (which, let’s be honest, is on a rare occasion for many of us,) especially on a bitter cold winter’s day and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Again, hygge. When you change into your pjs, snuggle up with a soft throw, cuddle up with a good book and warm tea or red wine. That, my friends, is hygge. When you’re bundled up and you walk into a warm café to order your favorite beverage and hold it fresh from the barista warm in your hands. When you take that first bite of delicious warm soup or pasta or in my case cheesecake and you feel like you look like the lady in a commercial who closes her eyes like she’s so delighted with that bite she took……you guessed it! Hygge.

While it’s most common to hygge during the winter months, I also get that cozy feel during Spring and Fall. Think of the first few days after you turn off the A/C or heat and can finally open the windows! A fresh breeze blowing through the curtains, the sound of birds chirping, kids playing outside, sunshine warming your face, the scent of fresh laundry coming out of the dryer vent making its way back in through the open windows, crackling leaves and bonfires. All hygge!

One of the reasons we chose to live in our current city in Northeast Ohio was because of the cozy, close-knit, homey feel of our town square and community. A gazebo, small local businesses, clock towers, church bells heard in the distance, deer running around although we live in the city and a peach tree in the side of our yard. All of these combined gave us that feeling of hygge. Three and half years later and guess what I just read this morning? Cleveland is ranked among the top 10 “hygge” cities in America. So, yes, I’m convinced! There is Danish in my blood somewhere. I need to visit Copenhagen asap!

What about you? Have you heard the term hygge before? Please share what gives you that hygge vibe in the comments below or snap a pic and share with me on Instagram @clumsymomme. Happy hygge-ing!


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