Pinterest Success!


Want a modern spin on the everyday bulletin board?  I needed a bulletin board in my home office,  but didn’t want the original look of a bulletin board hanging on my wall. So, I took to Pinterest and found an easy and crafty way to get the exact look I wanted. I’ve since made 3 of these; one for my daughter’s room with a pretty purple print that she picked out, one for my son’s room with Cavs fabric and my own which you see pictured here. Follow these step-by-step instructions for an easy way to make an everyday bulletin board your own unique style.

1. You’ll need any size framed bulletin board to fit your needs, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, fabric scissors, an optional corner embellishment and 1 yard of thin fabric. I always stick with a yard to be safe. If I have extra, I’ll find some project to use it on eventually.

2.  Lay your fabric printed side down. Place the cork board face down. Cut the fabric leaving about 2 inches around each side to wrap around to the back.

3. Think of wrapping a present and fold the corners of each side in. Glue the sides down. Bring the top flap over and glue down. Repeat on all four sides. The image might explain it better!


4.  Add the hardware to the back to hang up. Most boards come with these!

5. Flip over and hot glue your personally chosen embellishment to the top corner.

6. Voila! So cute and easy! My finished product and then some!!


Have fun with this and tag me on Instagram @clumsymomme with your board!!


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