“Fall Into The Gap”

General Views Of A Gap Inc. Store Ahead Of EarningsWhen I discovered Gap Inc. was hiring home agents for the call center, all of these memories came rushing back to me and I got so excited to share the opportunity to work from home for a great company with you!

Gap Inc. Direct. One of my favorite jobs I held during college while working towards  my degree in Fashion Merchandising. I worked in the call center when there were only catalogs. Customers called in to place an order, track an order, request a catalog, needed assistance with sizing, returns, etc. Training days on new products were my favorite. We got to see, feel and try on the new lines before they were released. I fell in love with my first bell-sleeve cardigan and wide-leg trouser and better yet I bought them with my awesome employee discount!

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I was there for the launch of Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic websites. Y2K was coming up and the threat had everyone on edge. Piperlime was in the works. Technology was starting to boom. I didn’t even have a cell phone and apparently from the pictures I dug out, it was before I discovered waxing my eyebrows. (Gasp!) And can we just take a minute to remember all of those awesome Gap TV spots?! Sex & the City was in its prime and Sarah Jessica Parker starred in these commercials dancing around with Lenny Kravitz; those cool, bright Christmas Instagram Boomerang-type spots and Khaki was all the rage.


I absolutely loved being somewhat behind-the-scenes and watching all of this come to life and saying, “I work for Gap Inc. Direct.” Even though I only worked in the call center, I still felt cool and wish I would have taken it farther in hindsight. Gap Inc. has come a long way and it makes me happy to see it still succeed and grow. This year, Gap Inc. was named one of the best companies to work for in fashion by Business of Fashion. In 2014, it was listed as one of the top Fortune 500 companies to announce equal pay for men and women for equal work.

Here are the latest remote opportunites:


According to my sources, pay is dependent upon experience. Good luck!!

*Remember, positions come and go. Check back often!*


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