Direct Sales Makeover

No. I did not sell Avon, but here is a funny story. I loathed direct sales. I never understood it. It drove me crazy with all of the home parties I was invited to, but I showed up to support my girlfriends who were either hosting or selling the product. In fact, I even hosted a party or two to support my direct sales friends. Another invite came along. “Girls Night In” it had written with underlying excitement. Ugh!! Really?! Why on earth do we have to have one of these “parties” in order to have a girls night. I’d rather spend my money on dinner and drinks with my friends, but once again I went to this party and bought something that I didn’t want.

My friend delivered my order to me. I used it. What the…..this is a pretty unique product! Every day I used it and the more I liked it. What on earth is this feeling I’m getting? I think I could actually sell this that’s how much I like it. I thought about it. I didn’t really need to take on anything else. At this point, I had a toddler and a newborn and my medical transcription job, but my friend was doing well with it, so I reached out to her and became her first recruit with of course more chats and support from my husband. (Isn’t he amazing?)

I sold this product for 5 years, grew a small team, and then it just felt like time to let it go. At this point, I was selling it to support my habit with buying it and it didn’t make sense to continue in the whole scheme of things. I still love the product and continue to buy it from my friend. I support direct sales now more than I ever have. I get it now. It doesn’t bother me anymore. If you truly find a product you love then sell it! Don’t be afraid of the direct sales haters and don’t put down those who do sell it or invite you to parties. Just say no if you don’t want to go. It’s that simple. You could, however, surprise yourself and find something you love and could sell yourself. This is definitely a field that puts most out of their comfort zone, but if anything it is great experience. I strongly feel that if you can sell anything through direct sales, you can sell anything in the outside business world.

This isn’t a field for everyone, but consultants can truly make a honest living if they find the right product and their niche in direct sales. There are countless opportunities in this field and best of all, you can do it at home and around your own schedule.

I’ll end with one tip: Do not jump around from one brand to another. This makes customers question your dedication to the product and your reason for selling it. The more passion you have for a product, the more success you will have.

Here is a list of the top 20 member companies based on sales in the United States as recognized by the Direct Sales Association:

ACN, Inc.
AdvoCare International, LP
Ambit Energy
Arbonne International, LLC
Isagenix International
Mary Kay Inc.
Melaleuca, Inc.
Nerium International
New Avon LLC
Nu Skin Enterprises
Scentsy, Inc.
Stream Gas & Electric, Ltd. DBA Stream
Take Shape for Life, Inc.-Medifast
Team Beachbody
The Juice Plus+ Company, LLC
Thirty-One Gifts
Young Living


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