Crossing the “Lionbridge” to a New Opportunity

I mentioned the decreased demand for medical transcriptionists in my very first post, Working Girl to Work-from-Home Mom. When I originally began transcription, I absolutely loved it. I was assigned to a few great physicians that I meshed well with and was extremely productive. With transcription, you were paid per line and I was pretty pleased with my paycheck.

After three years, the company I worked for made an announcement. We needed to participate in a few new training classes as we were going to transition from transcription to editing, along with a decrease in pay. They informed us that we shouldn’t notice it too much in our paychecks because we will produce more work. I don’t mind change. I embrace it. I’m a laid back kind of girl. I did what needed to be done and went with the flow because hey, I was thankful I still had a job working from home and I enjoyed the company I worked for. Contrary to what I was told, I did notice a decrease in work which meant a decrease in production which meant a decrease in my paycheck. Physicians were dropping off. I sensed something was going on, but I still kept trucking along.

Finally, a few months later, the conference call came. The company I worked for was simply going away and so would my job. They provided me with a great reference letter, but all transcription was moving to editing and I felt it in my heart that it was a sign my path in this field was coming to an end. (This is why I encourage medical coding and billing in my Career Step: Literally & Figuratively post.) I didn’t want to give up just yet so I continued to look for another transcription job as opposed to editing because they are still out there, but they are also extremely hard to find. After reaching out to a friend who worked in a hospital for possible transcription leads, she led me to Lionbridge.

Lionbridge is a tricky company to understand in some ways and honestly if a friend of a friend hadn’t worked for them I would have been hesitant to pursue the opportunity. Since I’ve started with Lionbridge, they have been recognized as the #1 globalization company, meaning they operate throughout multiple countries. They were rated 22 out of 35 by FlexJobs for best remote, part-time work in 2016!

There are several different opportunities available through Lionbridge, but the remote work is what we are focusing on here.  Most remote opportunities are for raters. In general, you review the results returned in a specific search query and rate them in terms of relevance. Raters analyze and provide feedback on text, web pages, images and other types of information for leading search engines. You also rate the trustworthiness and expertise of individual websites. Don’t worry if you are confused. They provide excellent training before you begin. All work is remote and on your own schedule. You just have to put in 10-20 hours a week, sometimes more if approved. I will forewarn you that it can be a monotonous job, but once again remote work is few and far between, so I’m always thankful for what I have stumbled upon and am happy to share my experiences in hopes to give others the opportunity to work from home.

You can view current opportunities and find out more information here:

Good luck!!

*Positions come and go. Check back often!*


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