Career Step: Literally & Figuratively

Now that you’ve read a summary of my story in Working Girl to Work-from-Home Mom, let’s get down to it. As mentioned in that post, something fell in my lap that gave me hope for a career path to working from home while staying at home with my babies. I discovered that my sister’s friend worked from home as a medical transcriptionist. I reached out to her for more information and she referred me to Career Step, an online training program that offers courses for healthcare, administrative, and technology careers. I already had school loans to pay, so I was hesitant to pay for more “training,” but after talking it over with my husband and weighing our options, I took the plunge. The tough part was that we didn’t have much savings at the time. We didn’t want to put the $2000 – $3000 expense on a credit card, so I did what makes any and every financial advisor shudder; I cashed out what little I had in my 401K, which just happened to be the exact amount I needed. Interesting coincidence isn’t it?! Was it worth it? Absolutely. Do I regret it? Absolutely not!

Five months later, I became a certified medical transcriptionist. A few weeks later, I began my new career with a flexible schedule working from home. I highly recommend Career Step. Dave Ramsey has recently endorsed them and they have grown tremendously over the past 10 years. One important tip: Transcription has diminished, so I would not recommend spending your money to become certified in this field. Instead I recommend medical coding and billing. This also allows one to work from home and demand in this field is increasing. There are several other options through Career Step as well. There is a tremendous amount of helpful information on their website and they constantly run great promotions such as a free laptop and/or a discount once you sign up. They are also great with job placement assistance and are happy to help graduates with any questions or concerns at any time. Find some free time (I know it’s hard), grab a cup of coffee, and take some time to find out more information by following this link: Career Step.

Note: Rachel does receive referral fees for new students who sign up through her referral site. This, however, does not change her views or opinions on Career Step. This is a well-known, reputable, and trustworthy online training program that Rachel has first-hand experience with and is grateful for finding it each and every day. You’ll also receive free shipping on any materials from Career Step once you enroll when mentioning Rachel’s name. 

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